X-Men Origins: Wolverine Demo – First Impressions

I’ve always thought an 18 rated (or Mature in the US) Wolverine film would be brilliant to really show what the character is capable of.

Well it looks like while the film company have gone for the mass market audience, the guys making the accompanying game have gone down the more hardcore route I was hoping for.

I’m not a big comic book fan but I enjoyed the X-Men films and always thought Wolverine was cool so I thought I would download the demo and give it a spin.

The opening CGI, while a touch on the long side, looks great and sets the scene nicely with plenty of over the top graphic killing.

With this and (the now delayed) Batman Arkham Asylum, are we finally going to see the games these comic legends deserve?

On the basis of this demo I would say yes… hopefully.

You’re tasked with pretty much just killing anything that moves – which is fine by me.

The control system seems to work well – x is jump, square is attack, triangle is hard attack and circle is throw the enemy.

You can mix and match for different combinations and as you progress you also unlock a nice lunge move, activated by holding R1 to target an enemy (the right stick selects which one if needed) and pressing L1 to launch Wolverine across the screen and onto his opponent.

There are lots of nice kill animations: heads coming off, limbs sliced etc and while they look great and feel even better to pull off, I hope they don’t get too repetitive.

There are a lot of cool looking cutscenes in the demo but there is a feeling that they are stripping the player of control, hopefully they were just showing off for the demo. 🙂

My experience with the demo has left me feeling that X-Men Origins: Wolverine is a game I will pick up at some stage but not one that I’ll be heading straight out to buy upon release.

It reminded me in many ways of God Of War and while I suspect it won’t live up to those titles it could be the closest thing we have until God Of War 3 arrives on the PS3.



  1. I gave the full game a go for the first time last night and it blew me away. I was not expecting it to be as good as it is.

    The cut scenes are a great filler and don’t really remove control from the player.

    One thing that I noticed and really liked, was the way Wolverine’s shirt slowly gets ripped and torn as he fight until he is topless, a nice little effect.

    After only playing for two hours I’ve already unlocked a myriad of combo’s.

  2. I have heard it being compared to a God of War type clone, no intricate button combos just pure fun. The real time damage that is mentioned in the above comment is a nice touch as well as watching Wolverine “Regenerate”. I am looking forward to giving it a try.

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