Modern Warfare 3 – Review (PS3)

Every November I always seem to find myself in the minority of gamers – the guys who play the Call Of Duty titles for the single player campaign.

You often hear the phrase ‘well no-one buys COD for the single player’ bandied about and I am living, breathing proof that it isn’t true.

I enjoyed Black Ops last year and Modern Warfare 2 the year before. I even thought Black Ops online was the most accessible yet.

So having seen the hype train for Modern Warfare 3 roll by, admired it but not climbed aboard – I was looking forward to trying it out.

The campaign wraps up the story of Soap and Price and picks up right where the previous Modern Warfare title left off. You’re still hunting Makarov but this time full scale war has erupted around the world.

The first thing I noticed was, unfortunately, how old the game looked. There is nothing wrong with the graphics, it’s just that I felt like I’d seen everything before. The engine is fairly old and while I appreciate that the implosion of developers Infinity Ward left a bunch of teams to pick up the pieces, Modern Warfare 3 pales in comparison to other recent releases.

Once I got into the game and started playing that issue was soon forgotten. With a snappy auto aim and some satisfying gunplay, Modern Warfare 3 is a game that lays it’s cards on the table and says ‘here you go, shoot guys, explosion, escape, shoot guys, explosion etc.’ This is *not* a bad thing.

As per usual you take in lots of different environments but mixed in with Sierra Leone and exotic locales are major cities: New York, London, Hamburg, Paris. The world is crumbling under the Russian invasion and Makarov is leading you a merry dance across the globe.

The London level was a highlight for me, of course being so familiar but everywhere we went was well detailed and different.

The game still has the same problems as the previous titles (though thankfully nothing as serious as the game breaking issues in Black Ops) in so far as I’d guess almost half the game is spent behind a turret of some kind.

The linear sequence problem (which I mentioned in my Uncharted 3 review) hits again here and to be honest I don’t have an answer for how to fix it… I just know it annoys the hell out of me having to re-do little cut scene type bits over and over.

Online is the same as it ever was, with the main addition being ‘Kill Confirmed’. This is team deathmatch but you have to physically get the dropped dog tags of your enemy to confirm the kill for your team. It’s a nice mechanic but I didn’t feel it added a massive amount to the game.

There is plenty to unlock and rank up, as is the norm for any online experience these days. Modern Warfare 3’s multiplayer will hit the spot for it’s target audience, or for anyone looking for a quick fix of shooting people.

On a personal level it doesn’t suit my style of play. While crouched and making my way slowly along the wall of the building, with a view to scoping out what lies around the corner, I’m usually dead within 5 seconds as someone comes sprinting up behind me and shoots me. I just prefer my shooters a little bit more tactical I guess.

You also have the Spec Op co-op missions where you and a friend take on enemies together online.

The main debate over the last 6 months has been the endless Modern Warfare 3 Vs Battlefield 3 talk and my take on it is as follows.

For the online it’s a matter of choice – the games are completely different so just pick whichever style you prefer and go with it (or if you have the money play both :smile:)

In terms of single player Battlefield 3 looks amazing compared to the recycled Modern Warfare 3 engine but in terms of gameplay and fun I would recommend Modern Warfare 3 every time. I came out of the Battlefield 3 campaign disappointed and came out of the Modern Warfare 3 one with a smile on my face (and no idea what had happened).

I honestly didn’t think that would be the case but of the Call Of Duty campaigns that I have played (Modern Warfare 2 and 3 & Black Ops) this is the best. A testament to the ground work laid by the original Infinity Ward team and the teams that came in to tidy up after them and get the game made.

Rating: 9/10

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  1. I just played through this myself and enjoyed the campaign, though I think I prefer MW2 in that regard. I have had the most fun online and in Spec Ops, both of which are incredibly deep this year. I definitely agree with what you said about this compared to Battlefield — they are both great, but in their own ways. Nice post.

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