PES 2010 Demo Impressions (PS3)

PES 2010

As I’ve mentioned in plenty of previous blogs FIFA was the football game of choice for me from the release of FIFA International Soccer on the Mega Drive in 1994 right through to FIFA 2001 on the PS2 in 2000.

Then I discovered Pro Evolution Soccer and a near decade long relationship with the beautiful virtual game began.

But as I discussed previously (here) PES is a series that has been in decline since the switch to next gen consoles.

PES 2009 wasn’t a bad game as such – it was just annoying that the niggly issues hadn’t been resolved over time.

And having played the rather good FIFA 10 Demo I was prepared to switch back to EA’s juggernaut.

PES 2010 Gameplay 1

As I downloaded the PES 2010 demo last night I had a flicker of hope. That I would fire it up and Konami will have revamped the game engine or the controls… perhaps that’s why we’ve seen nothing of the game? Could Konami have just been waiting to blow us away!

The answer in a word was ‘no.’

Shooting appears to have lost it’s sting with shots seeming weaker than before.

The passing is terrible. Several times it passed the ball to the wrong player, especially on through balls – often trying to pass it to the far sided winger as opposed to the player running through. 😑

Having no control over throws or goal kicks is a little thing but being able to kick/throw as hard/soft as I want is something I’ve wanted in PES for ages. I don’t always want a goal kick to go all the way to the front man! πŸ˜•

Graphics are very good. Certainly as good if not a touch better than FIFA. Sadly that doesn’t stretch to any new animations – still the same ones from PES 2008 which is disappointing. 😦

PES 2010 Gameplay 2

The referees are appalling compared to FIFA – no play on’s even when I was through on goal and several players sent off for small challenges. Frustrating. 😑

That old PES favourite of inexplicable defending reared it’s ugly head. My defender, instead of leaving a ball for my outcoming keeper decided to flick it past him for their forward to score – without me pressing a button πŸ˜₯ Several of these crazy moments occurred.

They didn’t even bother having commentary on the demo – so I suspect that’ll be more of the same again.

The CPU scored several cheap goals. One of the things I’ve noticed in FIFA is that I haven’t once felt cheated by a goal. Annoyed yes, but not cheated. Tonight I felt robbed by a few of the goals that came out of nowhere. A break away, plenty of defenders back but the forward still gets through, his shot hits a defender, he has another shot – it’s palmed by the keeper straight to their other forward who runs the ball into the goal. 😑 Same old PES. 😦

PES 2010 Gameplay 3

And that’s pretty much it.

Played 5 games, which I would say is enough to give it a chance.

It’s just a (very) pretty version of PES 2009 and for my money FIFA plays a better game.

The lack of control in PES is disturbing. At least when a through ball or pass is intercepted in FIFA I know it’s my own fault.

I’m afraid after a long period of injury time the referee has blown the final whistle on the 2010 football contest… it’s finished 1-0 to FIFA 10.

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