Infamous – Review (PS3)

Infamous 4

As I mentioned previously in my Infamous Demo Impressions blog, this is a game that has blown hot and cold for me as far as interest is concerned.

Initally I liked the look of Prototype better and as they were similar games I thought I’d pick that one up rather than Infamous.

Then as more footage was released Infamous started to take shape and eventually I changed my mind and invested in a trip to Empire City.

In Infamous you control Cole McGrath, a courier who just happens to be carrying a package containing an electronic bomb when it goes off, devasting the city. Somehow Cole survives and, after coming out of a coma, realises the explosion has given him electrical superpowers.

From there on out the city is your oyster and there is plenty to do as you try to track down the people behind all this.

Infamous 2

This is a game similar in scope to a Grand Theft Auto title – you have story based missions but there are also lots of side missions scattered across the islands, some good, some neutral and some evil.

Because of Cole’s powers you are given the opportunity to choose at certain moments whether to perform a ‘good’ or ‘evil’ act. For example after defending a crate of food from the bad guys do you share out the food with the general public? (Good) or take it away and keep it for you and your friends? (evil)

The same with the side missions – but once you choose the flip side missions become locked in that area. So if there are two good and two evil side missions once you do a good side mission the evil ones are locked and unplayable (until you play through again obviously.)

I loved the Karma Moments, choosing between good and evil added a nice touch and while it doesn’t effect the overall plot it does mean the story plays out in a slightly different way.

My only complaint was that often they were a bit heavy handed and obvious. I.e ‘Save this person or let them die.’ I much preferred the more subtle ones where a choice had an unexpected outcome. Also in the next game (presuming there is one) I’d like to see them improve this by not highlighting which is the good or evil action and possibly only giving you, say, five seconds to decide.

Infamous 1

The other main difference in good and evil are the powers Cole has. Effectively he has the same powers but with different bonuses as you level them up. So say Shockwave (my personal favourite power :cool:) – when you’re good blasting the enemy through the air with a shockwave sees them slow down so you can target them in mid air. Whereas evil Cole’s Shockwave might see the enemy explode as they hit the floor, taking out all around them.

It makes for a pretty strong reason to replay the game. You have the freedom of the city to run around and complete side missions, battle enemies etc once the main story is finished but it’ll be no surprise to learn that the final ‘Karma Moment’ choice effectively locks you as good or evil. So you’ll need to start a new story to play as fully good or evil, depending on your choice.

And why wouldn’t you want to play through again? Well, let me run through what didn’t work in the game.

I’m not a stickler for graphics, I’ve been playing games too long to consider them more important than gameplay and that’s fortunate because the in-game cut scenes in Infamous are horrible. I’m talking PS2 style, random mouth movements, jerky animation etc They’ve somehow made them look WORSE than the actual game itself! During gameplay the graphics are great, with no hint of slowdown even when the screen is full of enemies and pedestrians.

Infamous 3

There were a few points when pedestrians got caught in a set animation – making it look like they were having a fit/moonwalking etc but nothing major.

I’ve heard compaints about the comic style cut scenes between levels – no complaint here, I thought they were really good.

One thing I was a bit disappointed with was the lack of audio. Now they didn’t have to go down the route of GTA with radio or an MP3 player for Cole but more score or whatever throughout would’ve been cool.

Other than that it was all good. The occasional problem with Cole not climbing what I wanted him to didn’t hinder too much and it’s a small problem when you look at the scale of what Sucker Punch has achieved with the game.

Infamous is a great game, you really feel that Empire City is alive – the civilians reactions to you depending on your karma is a great touch and is one of the main reasons I’ll probably play through the game again to be evil once the game release schedule quietens down in the summer.

I liked the storyline and the direction they took the game, if you can look past a few of the superficial issues then Infamous offers something slightly different to your usual third person action/adventure and it’s a game that is definitely worth checking out.

Rating 8/10  9/10  * Infamous has been upgraded – find out why HERE *

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  1. Great review as always. I am almost done with my first play through so my review should also be up soon. But like you I am enjoying it.

    Glad you also got the social sites working as well…

    • Cheers for the help mate – I did DM you back on Twitter as well. Looking forward to your review.

  2. Good review, of course. I agree with it all too – you even gave it the same score I did. Great stuff ^^

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